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TOP 10 FAVS OF 2019

Here's a list of my 10 favorite things in 2019!
(subject to change at any moment)

1 - Favorite Person

Craig, My Boyfriend

I'm absolutely, positively, madly in love with Craig! He makes me laugh, builds me up, and motivates me to be the best I can be. I love you, Craig!


2 - Favorite Animal


As you can most likely tell by the title and design of my site, I am obsessed with elephants. I love both the African and Asian elephants each with their own unique personalities. 


3 - Favorite Color


Peachy orange. Rust orange. Neon orange. Each has a place in my exciting world. 


4 - FAVORITE Ice Cream

Whiskey & Pecans

The perfect blend of butter pecan ice cream and smooth Ohio whiskey.


5 - favorite movie

Easy A

This movie makes me laugh for hours! Great musically numbers as well. Strongly recommend watching it if you have not already.



Settlers of Catan

This was the first strategy game I ever played. It has led to me playing many more, I love them all! I managed to win that first game somehow =) 


7 - FAVORITE Superhero


OK, yes, she is more of an antihero than a superhero, but she is just so awesome. She's not evil, she just can't control her love of shiny, sparkly things!


8 - Favorite song

House Party by Sam Hunt

"Whatever you got on, girl, stay in it. You ain't gotta leave the house to have a good time. I'mma bring the good time home to you"


9 - favorite Book

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

This book and author are what inspired me to start my own blog and share my life story. Plus, she is hilarious!


10 - favorite Holiday


Family togetherness. Giving and receiving presents. Delicious Food. Decorations galore. The best music ever!

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