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How I Give Back

My mission is to empower women to take back there lives and live untamed. 

I strive to empower women by showing that they are beautiful in their own skin by provide Pampering Beauty Sessions. These sessions involve a relaxing skincare facial and a simple, natural make-up look. Women learn about how to take care of and love the skin they have and how to enhance their natural features because we are all beautiful! I also love to include a gift for all the women I pamper, so that they can continue to pamper themselves. 

With your donation, I will be able to visit women's shelters and provide Pampering Beauty Sessions to all the women in need. This includes providing them with the gift of skincare and makeup to continue loving themselves. 

It's Your Turn to Empower a Women

Thank you for helping me make a difference!

Interested in having me pamper a group of women?

Contact me below so that we can set up a Pampering Beauty Session!

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